Campbell Farms seed begins from the ground up with the best of the best, rich black soil in the Red River Valley. North Dakota winters are long & cold, with deep frosts to naturally cleanse the soil of disease carrying organisms & insects. Northern grown means more vigorous & hardier seed, which has been proven will out yield southern state seed potatoes. We believe in micro-nutrient fed & properly fertilized fields throughout the crop year, which leads to healthy, more vigorous productive seed.

Campbell Farms seed is grown under one of the toughest state certified programs in the country. All seed stock planted must have been winter tested & approved for recertification. These field inspections, along with a final inspection are done at the shipping point by the North Dakota State Seed Dept.

Rouging at Campbell FarmsInspecting at Campbell Farms

Certified Seed Sales Team

Tom Campbell
Jerel Lindgren
Certified Seed Farm Manager
Greg Campbell

Certified Seed Potatoes

Red LaSoda NY #10

Red Lasoda Seed Potato
High yielding, round to oval, eyes medium in depth. Bright deep red skin with white flesh. Heat tolerant.
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Dark Red Norland

Dark Red Norland Seed Potato
Rich red skin color with white flesh. Round to oblong.
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Red Norland

Red Norland Seed Potato
Good yield, low specific gravity, shallow eyes. Round to oblong, slightly flattened, smooth red skin with white flesh.
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Sangre Seed Potato
Oval to oblong, smooth deep red skin with white flesh. High yielding, shallow eyes with good retention of red skin color.
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ND 8555 8R

ND 8555 8R Seed Potato
Bright, red skinned with white flesh, round, very smooth. Good yield, medium specific gravity with shallow eyes.
Sold Out


Agata Seed Potato
Smooth skin, excellent yields, uniform in shape and size. Yellow skin with light yellow flesh.
Sold Out


Modoc Seed Potato
Round to oval, red skinned. Tubers are uniform bright skin with shallow eye depth.
Sold Out


Shepody Seed Potato
High yielding, high specific gravity, medium deep eyes. Long, smooth to lightly netted buff skin with white flesh.
Sold Out


Satina Seed Potato
High yielding. Oval to round, smooth yellow skiing and deep yellow flesh. Long dormancy.
Sold Out


Melody Seed Potato
Good yield, shallow eyes. Oval shaped with smooth yellow skin with medium yellow flesh.
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Potatoes Goodness Unearthed

Variety Generation Availability
Updated 05/12/2017
Red Lasoda NY
Strain #10
G-3 Out of stock
Dark Red Norland Plant
Bionic Strain
G-3 Out of stock
Red Norland G-3, G-4 Out of stock
Penta G-4 Out of stock
Yukon Gold G-5 Out of stock
Ambra G-4 Out of stock