Campbell Farms MinnesotaBig Lake Minnesota

You might ask why do we grow just in the next state of our base location, but this section of Minnesota gives us that same capability of being able to service our customers with fresh potatoes on a yearly basis.  

This area of Minnesota, Big Lake, which is located to the west of Minneapolis, is a very vibrant area with rich soil. The area has been growing potatoes for centuries. Most land is irrigated, which allows for the additional feature of not relying on Mother Nature. We are able to feed our potatoes when necessary.  

With help from our team members, we grow in a very small window of opportunity. This location serves us with Fresh potatoes from June to August. The location has no storage capabilities and this once again brings only Fresh produce straight to our customers. 

The Big Lake location has given us that edge to bring more of the fresh crop to our loyal customers.

Campbell Farms North DakotaGrafton North Dakota

The Red River Valley, what more does a person need to say. The land has the richest soil in the world. This soil is so fertile and black that you can just feel the pulses of Mother Nature growing in this area. This is where Campbell Farms started back in 1978. What became of 2 brothers starting out with 140 acres have now become the thousands of acres today. 

We start planting in the April-May window and will start harvest in or around August. The potatoes are then harvested and brought into our storage facilities. Campbell Farms will start shipping out our product to our customers immediately but will have an abundance to last the winter months. This will keep our packing facility shipping potatoes through April, loading 10 or more trucks per day. 

With the ability of relationships with our fellow landowners the capacity to rotate land brings the finest potatoes to our consumers. The relationship with farmer and land is a top priority to keep this soil in the North, the richest.


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