Campbell Farms History

In 1978 Tom and Bill decided to make a new future for themselves and their families.  With the help from a local bank, they secured a  $9,000 loan to start a potato farming operation.  With this money, they were able to purchase a full potato line of equipment to plant and harvest their first 140 acres of red potatoes.  This would only be the beginning of a family business.

Campbell Farms History

After 2 years, the family business would be complete when Tom, Bill and Greg started working alongside each other. Once the three of them joined together, they have grown a small 140 acre farm into the successful business that has now become Campbell Farms.

Campbell Farms HistoryCampbell Farms HistoryCampbell Farms HistoryCampbell Farms History

Campbell Farms owns and operates every aspect of production, allowing complete control to carefully manage quality of all inputs of growing and shipping for their multi-farm locations.  Through this structure, Campbell Farms is able to support customers with fresh family grown potatoes 12 months out of the year.

After 4 decades of farming, this has brought a tradition of excellent service, unyielding integrity and long-term relationships with our customers.  This family farm has become a fully integrated farm from seed…to planting…to harvesting…straight to the consumer. 

Campbell Farms HistoryCampbell Farms History

Our seed begins right here in North Dakota in the rich soil of the Red River Valley.  Northern grown seed means more vigorous and hardier seed.  Our seed is grown under one of the toughest State Certified programs in the country.  All seed stock planted must have been winter tested and approved for recertification.  Field inspections and the final inspections are done by the North Dakota State Seed Department.

Campbell Farms HistorySince Campbell Farms grows in several locations throughout the United States, we are able to service our customers year round with the excellent package of potatoes that you see sitting in your grocery store closest to you.  We pack every conceivable package that a consumer can fathom. 

With the security of our product there is no need to worry about your produce safety.  With our Product Traceability Initiative (PTI), we are compliant with each of the requirements.  While following this mandate, we will always be able to trace back to where your produce was grown.  We also maintain a Food Safety Program that requires us to be compliant with all state and federal regulations. All of our locations undergo yearly Gap Audits, along with the Nationally Accredited Primus GFS Audits.

As a leader in the industry, Campbell Farms brings you several varieties of potatoes, in a multitude of packages.  From the rich soil of the Red River Valley to the valuable sand in Florida, Red Potatoes can be on everyone’s dinner plate this evening.

Red Potatoes are not just for boiling…Try these Red Potatoes every way conceivable.


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