Campbell Farms operates a fully integrated farm from seed to the final consumer. We own and operate every stage of production, thus allowing us complete control to carefully manage the quality of all inputs into the growing and shipping of Campbell potatoes.

Campbell Farms can offer you Red, Yellow, Minis and Organic potatoes shipping 12 months out of the year. With our multi-farm locations, we can service to any wholesale or retail market. Campbell Farm potatoes are sold across North America with our vast line of potatoes.

All sales for the Red, White, Yellow potatoes are sold by our sales team at Campbell Farms; Please call us to set up a purchase opportunity or sales promotion. We will be happy to assist.  

All of our potatoes are washed with clean water, dried and cooled down to 45 degrees in a cooler. All poly consumer packages are cooled down 8-12 hours before and after packaging to eliminate any quality issues and condensation in the product.

Campbell Farms offers a variety of consumer, bulk and master containers; as well as a full-range of customer, private labeling programs.  All potatoes are graded, sized and packaged to the customers needs and demands. Computerized packaging machines are used to accurately fill each bag. All of our consumer packages contain the guarantee of customer satisfaction.

We at Campbell Farms also offer a variety of specialty pack potatoes. We have a full organic line of Red, Yellow and Russet potatoes packed in our Campbell Farm label packed at our Campbell Farms location in Grafton, ND. The organic potatoes are available to be packed in a 3 or 5 pound poly bags or any other customer request..

Quality Assurance, from Certified Seed and variety selection to our compliance with the Primus GFS Ranch and GMP Audits are vital. Primus GFS is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked audit scheme which covers Global GAP and GMP as well as Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS). All farm locations are audited yearly for both. All locations are FDA Certified. The importance of food safety is a leading aspect at Campbell Farms.

Our use of a HAACP program includes the trace-back enablement system. All potatoes are date and source coded, enabling trace back to the exact field the potatoes were grown in. The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) is also implemented at all locations. 


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